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I suppose this could easily go on the profile, but people can comment on a post, and besides I didn't want the journal looking so empty.

RP Journal for Dick Grayson, aka Robin, aka Nightwing, aka Batman


I'm happy to play;

Young Justice - Canon, future or AUs, I'm happy to play whatever variation on the universe you like. I 'ship Robin/KF mostly but I could go for other pairings or gen.

Comics - I'm reading New 52 Nightwing and I also read the Batman and Robin series that was Dick and Damian, so I'm happy to play either of these or any variation on it. I'm not totally up on ALL the comics so you'll have to check if you want any specific events to be relevent. Otherwise I'm happy to play regular old Robin or Nightwing. I 'ship Dick/Jason (Todd), Dick/Babs and again, other pairings or gen are fine and interesting. Dick is a manho with a thing for redheads.

AU - I'd love to investigate a Dick who never left the circus, or other alternative backstories, so if you have any ideas I am more than happy to hear them.

Crossovers and crack - Bring it on, I love that stuff.


Please comment if you would like a PSL or other funtimes, I am open to most things :D
While I have been RPing for around ten years, I'm still relatively new to the journal style, so please bear with me if I do anything wrong :D


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